Naomi Speaks

Naomi speaking at PythonDayMX

I've been speaking at tech conferences around the world for 15 years, covering everything from Linux system admininstration to Python to Diversity and Inclusion.

Past talks (& slides & videos & podcasts)

You can find a mostly complete list of my past talks on my Past Talks page. Slides and videos (if they are available) are linked from the talks.

Upcoming talks

I'll be speaking at the following events:

Event Date Topic/TItle
PyLadies SDQ, Santo Domingo, DR Aug 22, 2020 Todo es un objeto
PyMX, CDMX, México Aug 25, 2020 La PSF y su misión
PyLadies Munich Aug 27, 2020 Objects All the Way Down
WiDS Medellín, Colombia Sept 26, 2020 Consejos sobre la ingeniería de datos

Want me to speak at your event?

If you're interested in me speaking at your conference or event, here is some info about my arrangements, preferences, and availability.

Speaker Bio and Images

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